We provide a range of health and safety training and consultancy services to companies throughout the
United Kingdom and Europe. Our aim is to deliver a supportive service to industry, which is practical,
personal and relevant to the Client's needs.

It is our philosophy to work with our Clients, not solely as a provider of a service but also as a team
member. With this approach we have been successful in helping to establish health, safety and
environmental competence within our Client's organisations.

We help Clients to meet the needs of the future as well as the present.

In overview, we provide the following services:

-     Health, safety and environmental support to the Client's organisation through the development and
      maintenance of safety management systems and procedures.

-    Health, safety and environmental competence development through the analysis and training of

-    Health, safety and environmental support in meeting the requirements of current and future legislation.

Through our network of professional and competent trainers/consultants we are able to provide an
extensive service which encompasses all areas of safety, health and the environment.

Our approach with all of the work that we undertake is to help our Clients design and implement
solutions, which are unique to that Client and their particular needs.