We recognise that for health, safety and environmental initiatives to be effective, it is important to our clients that an accurate assessment is made of the company’s present state in regard to its moral, legal and commercial requirements.


It is not our policy to put in place generic solutions that can only offer short-term respite and unnecessary paperwork. For management control to be effective it must be clear and concise and most of all – relevant.


Our approach in achieving these objectives is to identify shortfalls using our extensive ‘Safety Management Systems [HSG(65)]’ audit tool and the subsequent development of a relevant SHE plan highlighting the need for specific and relevant policy, procedure and assessment and/or the delivery of associated training.  Text Box: Policy
Planning and Implementing
Measure Performance
Monitor and Review


Through a programme of ongoing communication and support we endeavour to continue to work with the Client to ultimately improve the organisation’s systems and associated SHE performance.